Direct ways to help: Servants Center is praying that the Lord will raise up more "TRUSTED FRIENDS" volunteers to help with simple but important tasks for persons God has helped us get off the street and into stable housing.  Servants Center has received and managed the monthly Social Security Disability income for several hundred formerly homeless persons.  These clients are now taking prescribed psychiatric medications.  They need help with shopping for groceries, going to doctor appointments, cleaning their rooms or apartments and in general, having people in their lives they know really care about them.  TRUSTED FRIENDS is a wonderful way to share the love of Christ in practical ways.  Training is available and all volunteers are closely supervised by Servants Center staff. And if you prefer to serve as a "Trusted Friend" team, just let us know.

Behind-the-scenes ways to help: Volunteers are also needed to help behind-the-scenes in the office with administrative tasks, planning for events and in many other ways.

Contact Servants Center to learn more at (616) 456-8512.

Other Inner-City Ministries that need help

Servants Center has worked to help form several other non-profit organizations which serve the inner-city poor.  These successful Grand Rapids agencies and organizations are also in need of volunteers:

COMMUNITY REBUILDERS . . . the area’s largest provider of transitional housing for homeless families.  To volunteer or donate go to

EXALTA HEALTH (formerly Health Intervention Services) . . . a medical clinic serving uninsured families from a state-of-the-art facility on South Division Avenue south of Burton Street.

URBAN FAMILY MINISTRIES . . . grew out of Servants Center and reaches hundreds of inner-city youth and families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the south section of the inner-city.  The headquarters of this ministry is a former drug house on Prospect Avenue which was reclaimed and renovated by SC.

URBAN TRANSFORMATION . . . also grew out of Servants Center and targets youth in the north section of Grand Rapids’ inner-city.  The down payment of this ministry location on Livingston Avenue was provided by Servants Center.

DORCHESTER MINISTRY . . . located in the predominately Hispanic southwest section of the inner-city; this outreach is our latest effort to establish a long-term ministry to low-income families.  This location was renovated and provided to Dorchester House Ministries by Servants Center.  Dorchester House Ministries combined with other local ministries in the area to form United in Christ Ministries.