Servants Center was organized in 1993 as a result of concern about the drift of churches away from direct relationship based ministry among the poor.  Servants Center works to enhance the reputation of our Lord Jesus Christ through the provision of high quality, relationship based street outreach and ongoing support services to mentally ill poor and homeless people in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In addition to direct service to the homeless, we also provide educational events related to our work throughout Michigan each year.  These events include Sunday preaching, training seminars, and consulting services to help churches develop effective ministries among the poor in their own community - urban, suburban, or rural.

Servants Center is funded through contributions from churches, individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Servants Center founder, Don Tack has written articles about the mentally ill homeless that you can read on our website. These include: 

  1. About the Mentally Ill Homeless
  2. Gods Heart for the Homeless
  3. Biblical Foundations of Poverty Ministry

To read them now, click here: Don Tack Articles

If your church or civic group is not familiar with the unique ministry of Servants Center, we would be happy to arrange to make a presentation to your group. SC will gladly provide a reference list of churches and other groups where presentations have been provided.