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Peggy Boverhof came to Servants Center in October 2015 as Payee Accounts Manager, handling all the Social Security benefits for our guardian and payee clients.  She comes with over 35 years of experience working as an executive assistant and office manager. 

Peggy graduated from Davenport College as a legal secretary and has taken classes towards her business management degree.  She has worked in the fields of advertising & marketing, finance, manufacturing and non-profit ministry.  Her last 13 years were with an inner-city youth ministry.  Peggy and her husband have been involved for many years mentoring and helping at-risk young men and ex-offenders get on their feet, taking them to church on Sundays and meeting their basic needs.   These activities have given her a heart for helping all her neighbors regardless of their circumstances.

Jan Irwin is a paralegal who came to Servants Center with 30 years of experience working as an advocate for others. Her work history includes: EMT Specialist for a volunteer ambulance, working in an emergency department at a local hospital, serving at different psychiatric units as a court liaison, patient rights advisor and guardianship/conservator coordinator. Jan’s main duties will include assisting clients with Social Security Disability issues and she will also be the court liaison for our clients at Probate Court.

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Adam Freeman joined Servants Center in May 2016.  He serves as our Men's Client Specialist assisting Deb with making sure our clients get to medical and psychiatric appointments.  He also assists Jan with client Social Security benefits needs, completing Probate Court reports and regular client visitation.  He is a recent graduate of Cooley Law School and will be taking the Bar Exam soon.  He has his Master of Science in Criminal Justice from the Univ. of Central Florida.  We are very fortunate to have him on staff helping to serve our clients!

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Kiel Hamlet joined Servants Center in April 2017. Kiel serves as Outreach Specialist with his primary focus to seek those who may benefit from the services Servants Center provides. He also works with clients to maintain stability by getting them to their medical and psychiatric appointments, as well as making sure their housing situation remains stable. Kiel graduated from Prairie Bible Institute with a certificate in Biblical studies and worked many years for Degage Ministries, which had a huge impact on his heart and passion for the poor and homeless in West Michigan.


Spencer Husch joined Servants Center in March, 2019. Serving as Client Specialist, Spencer seeks to meet the needs of current and potential clients of Servants Center. Being passionate about developing relationships with the homeless, he has served in full-time homeless ministry in West Michigan and Louisville, Kentucky since 2012. Spencer graduated from Great Lakes Christian College and is currently attending classes at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in pursuit of a Master’s in Ministry Leadership.

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Jessica Brown is the newest of our staff, joining us in April 2019. Jessica is serving as a Client Specialist. Jessica's previous experience includes managing an adult foster care behavioral home for 7 years.  She has extensive knowledge in fulfilling psychiatric evaluations, implementing behavioral plans, managing successful group homes, and ensuring facility safety and compliance.  Jessica has a family, enjoys going to church and helping individuals find housing and assistance in meeting basic needs.