(Above) This is one of the many people we have rescued off the streets and placed in housing. He was found one evening sleeping between two discarded mattresses in sub-freezing temperatures.  SC staff found him a subsidized apartment and he has been off the street for several years.

Our Mission Statement

Servants Center helps the mentally ill homeless and poor get off the streets and provides ongoing support with dignity, reflecting Christ’s love.

 Our Goals

  • Show Christ’s love in all that is done.
  • Helping the mentally ill homeless get off and stay off the streets.
  • Accept and pursue the most challenging cases.
  • Provide crisis management.
  • Provide ongoing support to keep clients stable.
  • Establish caring relationships with those whom are served.
  • Educate the public on how to respond to the mentally ill poor and homeless people.
  • Collaborate with other agencies, ministries and providers for the best care of the clients. 

Community Partnerships

We are working closely with the Grand Rapids Police Department for better coordination of emergency police responses to mentally ill persons experiencing crises in the community.

Servants Center is working to better coordinate community mental health services for the homeless.  Servants Center has donated consulting services to the Board of Directors of Shepherds, a home for forty-three mentally ill persons who were formerly homeless. Many of the folks served by SC live at this unique facility.

Servants Center is a member of the Kent County Jail Diversion Committee, which works to redirect mentally ill persons arrested for non-violent crimes to treatment instead of incarceration.

The Work of Servants Center is Unduplicated

Servants Center is the only Christian organization in Grand Rapids specifically targeting the homeless mentally ill.

Several good organizations offer shelter and other services to the hundreds of homeless people in Metro Grand Rapids on any given night.  But to receive these services, persons must go to these agencies. In contrast, Servants Center goes out on the streets, day and night, searching for people sleeping under bridges and underpasses, in abandoned cars and buildings and in the woods along the Grand River.

Servants Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.  All donations are tax deductible. To learn how you can give donations, click on the "Give" tab above.

Please pray

Please pray for our small but dedicated team of workers and the hundreds of mentally ill persons we serve.